Roy Woods Returns With "Insecure" Music Video, Details New Album

Roy Woods has just dropped a 'Desperado'-inspired music video for "Insecure." The track is the first offering from his upcoming album, 'Mixed Emotions.'

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It’s a good day to be a Roy Woods fan. On top of dropping a music video for his new track “Insecure,” he’s also announced his upcoming album, Mixed Emotions

Produced by Harv (of “Peaches” fame), “Insecure” shows the OVO rapper at his most passionate. The plucked guitar strings pairs against Woods’ falsetto for a melodic track that details needing someone so much that you can’t leave.

The music video pays homage to the classic cult film Desperado, directed by Robert Rodriguez. Woods nods to Antonio Banderas with his trick guitar case, among other Easter eggs hidden throughout the video.  

Rapper Roy Woods wearing a white jacket with a graffiti pattern

Woods is originally from Brampton, ON. In a chat with Complex Canada in 2020, he lamented on the transition to performing to huge crowds. “I’m a small town kid from Brampton, you feel me? And then going from that to performing in arenas like Madison Square Garden, it was a lot,” he said. “Sometimes this gets crazy and you need somebody that you can lean on, that’s going to give you the real real—that raw raw. The people who know you, respect you, and love you ain’t there for your pocket; they look out for your well-being. Those are the people you need to keep around because they’re not going to give it to you any other way but the way you need to hear it.”

The summer release date for Mixed Emotions will be announced soon. For now, stream “Insecure” below:


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