The Weeknd Went Viral by Tweeting a Question Mark

Fans speculated the tweet could've possibly been a nod to XXXTentacion's new album.

The Weeknd amassed over 100,000 likes and upwards of 47,000 retweets of his Saturday tweet, but it wasn’t for some secret reveal or one of his new projects. The tweet was merely a question mark. That singular piece of punctuation spawned the obvious question of what piqued Abel’s curiosity.


Dozens of fans racked up their own likes and retweets by simply turning Weeknd’s lone question mark into memes and hypothetical scenarios.

steve: [catches thanos’ punch]

me when I don’t respond for 18 days and they don’t ever hit me up again

While one section of fans speculated the original tweet was in reference to some info about an upcoming project, another group assumed the question mark was a nod of approval to XXXTentacion’s ? album

xxxtentacion x the weeknd??
So he decides to drop a "?", the day after an album called "?", by a big artist that the weeknd knows very well and likes i'm sure, for no reason? I dont believe in coincidence here lol.

These fans' guess is probably correct because the Weeknd followed XXX on Instagram right after tweeting that question mark. XXXTentacion dropped his album on March 16, which would fit within the timeline of a one-character, quasi-endorsement from the Weeknd.

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