Conductor Williams Explains How He Produced Drake's "Stories About My Brother"

The producer said his friendship with Drake is truly organic and brings the best out of both of them.

(Image via ConductorWilliams/YouTube), (Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj / Getty Images)

Conductor Williams went on YouTube to reveal how he produced Drake's "Stories About My Brother" off the deluxe edition of the rapper's latest album For All The Dogs.

The producer shared a video explaining how the record came together, giving fans a little insight into his friendship with Drake. According to Williams, he had previously worked on the beat for "8am in Charlotte" when things started to pick up between him and the 6 God.   

"By this time, I had built a working relationship with him at least enough to kind of understand what he wanted," Williams said. "The things that he liked, where he was at, and the first thing that I noticed and learned about working with Drake is that he is a crafts person."

Williams continued, "And also a person of the arts. That was the main bond. The main bond is the arts; the main bond is that I've developed a craft that I love and work inside a craft that I love, and he has too, and the respect was mutual in that way and he made it so comfortable for me to be myself to where I start sending him the ideas that I've always had."

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After a short post-tour break, a creative bug bit Drizzy and he reached out to Williams.

"I'm in this very house upstairs having dinner with my family, and my phone goes off it's him," Williams added. "He like, 'Send me some, I feel like writing,' and that's all I needed. It don't really take much for me to get back to the basement and cook up, it doesn't at all, but in this, it's like, yo let's catch lightning in a bottle."

He continued, "Like my bro ready to write, he's feeling inspired. You got the greatest, one of the greatest artists. Again, I'm going keep saying this, one of the greatest of my generation inspired to write. Let's catch lightning in the bottle."

Williams went on to explain that he wanted to create a piece inspired by French artist Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp, which he translated as a way to sample other music in order to achieve a "solid groove" with "basslines, a chord change, Jazz, and soul."  

The resulting track was released back in November as part a deluxe edition, surprising fans after the rapper announced he was taking a break. Instead, Drake uses the track as an opportunity to respond to criticism of For All The Dogs.

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