Skiifall Releases 'Woiiyoie Vol. 2—Intense City,' Featuring Production by Wondagurl, DJ Dahi

After teasing his latest EP for several weeks now, Skiifall has dropped Woiiyoie Vol. 2 – Intense City, with features from Charlotte Cardin, Obongjayar,and more

Skiifall album Woiiyoie Tapes vol 2

Skiifall album Woiiyoie Tapes vol 2

Skiifall album Woiiyoie Tapes vol 2

After teasing his latest EP for several weeks now, Montreal rapper Skiifall has finally dropped Woiiyoie Vol. 2—Intense City.

At seven tracks, Skiifall uses the brevity to explore his Saint-Vincent roots on tracks like “2 Charming” all while showing off his rapping chops on the previously released “Yuteman Denis” with Charlotte Cardin and Zibz.

Woiiyoie Vol. 2 balances the gritty with a number of breezy summer-ready tracks like “Free My Mind” and “Intense City,” the title track.

Skiifall said the main theme of the tape is the violent relationship between Black community and law enforcement. His friend, Nicous D’Andre Spring died in custody after being assaulted by guards on Christmas Day 2022.

“I didn’t want to post a picture of him or anything. I want to talk about it in my music because millions of people are going to listen to it,” says Skiifall. “I didn’t choose to take part in this narrative—it was given to me by the government and the schools they send us to, the rules they give us. They keep us on a path where it’s difficult to succeed.”

The only other track on the EP to have already been released is “Fam Without Blood,” which came out at the tail end of 2022, and featured production by Wondagurl. The album also has production from DJ Dahi and day one collaborator Yama//Sato.

That track and “Yuteman Denis” are the only two songs with accompanying videos at the moment, but Skiifall released visualizers for both “Free My Mind” and “2 Charming.”

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Back in November, Skiifall released the “Can’t Feel My Mind Freestyle” which, to this day, only lives on Youtube.

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