It’s hard to keep up with new tracks every week. With a bevy of songs being released every day, we made a list highlighting some new tracks from Canadian artists.

Izzy-S, “Allo c’est qui?”

Izzy-S has all the fundamentals for a sticky banger with enough replay value to last months. A vicious beat? Check. An incredibly catchy hook? Check. A nasty beat switch? It’s there too. It’s one of the finest and fiery songs to come out of Quebec this year.


Shanuka, “Right Now”

“Right Now” is a sultry affair powered by Scarborough artist Shanuka’s angelic, honey-tinged vocals. The song’s warmth provides an excellent backdrop for the grey, cold months that lie ahead.


Rymz f/, Souldia, Die-On, & Random, “Allumette”

The mega-collab between Quebec stars Rymz, Souldia, Random, and Die-On is an absolute rage-fest. The cannonball-like explosiveness that each rapper performs with is enough to turn this song into a high-octane rapping bloodbath.


Victory, “Another Chance (Confessions)”

Victory, the Toronto-via-Calgary R&B artist, bears her soul on “Another Chance (Confessions).” The low-tempo, sombre track is a chance for Victory to get out of her head and focus on the real world ahead of her.


Bundog & Pressa, “Hollows”

“Hollows” feels like it’s moving at 200 kilometres per hour. Toronto’s Bundog and Pressa aren’t in a hurry, but the song still feels like a bullet train going full speed across the country.


Koto? & Soft Eyez, “Dust In My Weed”

“Dust In My Weed” may only be just over a minute long, but Toronto-based rapper Koto? wastes no time, viciously rapping over the dusty boom-bap-inspired beat from Soft Eyez.