Beyoncé Re-Gifts Papillon Ring From Jay Z to London Museum

Beyoncé's rare ring will be displayed alongside jewelry worn by other queens throughout history.

If you’re one of those boring people who thinks all that “Beyoncé is a queen” talk is hyperbolic, brace yourself for news that will shatter that entire belief system, because Bey is literally out here donating jewelry to museums to feature in exhibitions about nobility-worthy jewelry.

The Guardian reports that Beyoncé has gifted a Papillon ring, which was a gift from Jay Z, to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. It will be displayed alongside other jewels worn by Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great and Empress Joséphine (Napoleon’s first wife) in what is described as “one of the most spectacular jewelry collections in the world.” 

We’re thrilled to announce that @Beyonce has gifted an exquisite ‘papillon’ ring, designed by London-based jeweller G (Glenn Spiro) to the V&A!

The Papillon ring was designed by London-based jeweler Glenn Spiro, a.k.a. G, in 2014. The butterfly wings are made of titanium and are encrusted with green tsavorites—which are 1,000 times rarer than emeralds—and surrounded with diamonds, per Mashable. Of course, the ring is just one of many G pieces Beyoncé owns, most of which were given to her by Jay-Z.

Beyoncé told Vogue UK that she “love[s] butterflies” but this ring is “something special.” The idea to gift this Spiro ring to the V&A came after she, Jay Z, and Spiro were “hanging out together in Los Angeles” at the Peninsular Hotel, just chatting it up about the fact that the V&A is looking for “exciting examples of contemporary jewelry.” According to Spiro, Beyoncé immediately offered to donate the ring. "She and Jay Z buy beautiful things,” Spiro told Vogue UK. "Not just jewelry but also art; they are collectors."

As the @V_and_A unveils @Beyonce's dazzling Papillon ring, donated as a gift from her private collection, she tells Vogue what the jewels mean to her:

The V&A’s jewelry curator, Clare Phillips, was excited to receive the queen-worthy ring. “Beyoncé is a figure whose personal style the V&A is proud to represent and a gift from whose personal collection we are honored to receive,” Phillips said. “The Papillon ring she has gifted is an exquisite example of contemporary jewelry design by one of Britain’s master jewelers.”

Beyoncé’s ring will be on display in the museum’s William and Judith Bollinger jewelry gallery, which also boasts more than 3,000 jewels ranging from the Ancient Greek period to the present day.

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