Diddy's Ex-Security Guard Confirms Cassie's Claim That He Stepped in to Stop Assault

Roger Bonds corroborates some of the claims in Cassie's assault lawsuit against Diddy, saying, "I was sick of having to cover up everything."

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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 08: P. Diddy seen leaving Bauer Media on November 08, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer/GC Images)

Diddy’s former head of security says he’s speaking his “truth” after years of being silent. 

On Wednesday, November 29, Roger Bonds returned to TikTok to address the abuse allegations leveled against the Bad Boy Records founder, claiming there were multiple instances in which he had stopped Diddy from attacking Cassie and other individuals. Bonds, who worked for Diddy more than a decade ago, was named in Cassie’s bombshell lawsuit against Diddy, whom she sued for sexual assault, sex trafficking, and more. 

Cassie, born Casandra Ventura, said Diddy subjected her to abuse over the course of their relationship and had used his power and fame to conceal his wrongdoings. The singer claimed one of the attacks took place in 2009, when Diddy became enraged after seeing Cassie talking to another talent agent.

“In the car leaving the club, Mr. Combs beat Ms. Ventura, pushing her into a corner of the vehicle and stomping on her face,” the lawsuit read. “Mr. Combs’s security staff, Roger Bonds, tried to stop the beating, but was unable to deescalate the situation.”

Bonds corroborated the allegation in his TikTok, saying it was one of the many reasons he chose to stop working for Diddy.

“I was sick of everything that was going on around you,” he said in the video. “I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did. I was sick. Cassie spoke on it. She said, ‘Yeah, I jumped on it. I jumped in between it.’ That wasn’t the only time. It was other times, and it was other people.”

Bonds said he eventually got fed up with Diddy’s behavior and used his health condition as an excuse to part ways. 

“There comes a time when you in a situation that may seem like a good situation, but if you not waking up happy, or if you disgruntled, or you really don’t wanna be around that person you find every excuse to get out of it,” Bonds continued. “And I got diabetes. So, my excuse was, I can’t be with you every day. I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I’m losing weight, I’m doing that. But in reality, it was I was sick. I was sick of you.” 

Shortly after Cassie filed the assault lawsuit, she and Diddy reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount. However, two other women have since sued the hip-hop mogul over similar allegations. A spokesperson for Diddy has denied the accusations and dismissed them as “money grabs.”

“These are fabricated claims falsely alleging misconduct from over 30 years ago and filed at the last minute,” the representative said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “Because of Mr. Combs’ fame and success, he is an easy target for anonymous accusers who lie without conscience or consequence for financial benefit… The public should be skeptical and not rush to accept these bogus allegations.”

In wake of the lawsuits, Diddy has temporarily stepped aside as the chairman of Revolt, a media company he founded in 2013. Capital Prep Harlem, a charter school Diddy helped open in 2016, has also cut ties with the embattled music star.

“Following a comprehensive evaluation, a decision has been made to end the partnership between Capital Preparatory Schools and Sean Combs,” Capital Prep founder Dr. Steve Perry said in a statement. “While this decision was not made lightly, we firmly believe it is in the best interest of our organization’s health and future.”

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