Alexander 'AE' Edwards Speaks on Altercation Involving Him, Travis Scott, and Southside: 'It's a Healthy Fade'

The incident took place at a Cannes Film Festival afterparty while Tyga stood by.

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Alexander "AE" Edwards said everything is "all good" with Travis Scott and Southside following their altercation at a Cannes Film Festival afterparty last week.

When approached by TMZ at LAX on Wednesday, AE seemed apprehensive to discuss the incident—which also involved Tyga standing by but seemingly not throwing hands—before opting to share his thoughts.

"Shoutout Southside, that's my n***a, I know he was just defending his boy [Travis] and doing what he was supposed to be doing. That's his boy," Edwards said. "I don't got no hard feelings. It is what it is, it went how it went. That's it."

AE would not speak on what caused the altercation, but stressed that he will also "protect myself and my people." When asked if he's talked to Travis since the incident, he shook his head. Pressed for any message to Scott and his team, he said, "Nah, they got the message." 

"It's a healthy fade," he concluded.

Exclusive footage: Travis and AE get into altercation at Cannes after party

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According to TMZ, Edwards has been described by witnesses as the instigator in the situation.

It's unclear if it was intentional or not, but AE referenced the following lyric from Future's "GTA" when asked how his girlfriend Cher reacted to the incident: "Whatever I'm with, my bitch with it too."

"GTA" was playing when the altercation occurred.

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