Yung Miami Denies Receiving $250K Monthly Allowance from Diddy in First Reaction to Lawsuit

Her recent comments on X mark the first time the City Girls rapper acknowledged any allegations made in the lawsuit filed by producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones.

Terence Rushin / Getty Images

Yung Miami is finally breaking her silence amid the piling allegations against herself and her ex Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The City Girls rapper was named in the lawsuit filed by producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones. In addition to all of the allegations against Diddy, Jones alleged that Yung Miami, born Caresha Brownlee, was employed as a sex worker for Diddy and also transported "pink cocaine" (also known as "tucci," a combination of ketamine, MDMA and caffeine) for the mogul. 

"Y'all be going for ANYTHING," Caresha tweeted earlier this week.

An X user then responded, "you for that 250K a month," referencing a $250,000 monthly allowance that Yung Miami allegedly received from Diddy. In the court filing, Jones claimed that the rapper and 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy, were both "paid a monthly fee to work as Mr. Combs' sex workers."

"Based on information and belief, they received payment via wire transfer from Robin Greenhill," the lawsuit continued.

But Caresha denied the alleged allowance, responding to the X user.

"Something that the internet made up and yall ran with it!!!" she tweeted. "N***as don't even pay that for child support why tf would a n***a ever pay me $250k for. FOR WHAT??"

The comment marks Caresha’s first time directly addressing any accusations made about her in the lawsuit against Diddy. Other X users chimed in, encouraging the rapper to zip it considering the allegations she’s facing. 

A female cousin/assistant of Yung Miami is also implicated in the lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting Jones in the bathroom on Thanksgiving in 2022. The producer claims that the woman followed him after he fled from the restroom, and was allegedly undressed by her before she "attempted to straddle him and have sex with him" in front of Diddy and other associates.

So far the other half of City Girl’s, JT, has denied any involvement in Yung Miami’s alleged actions.

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