Nicki Minaj Says Megan Thee Stallion 'Wanted a Rihanna Moment So Bad' With Gayle King Interview

Minaj continued to make accusations against Megan on her fifth day of attacking the "Hiss" rapper on X.

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Megan Thee Stallion cried incessently during her 2022 sitdown with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, but Nicki Minaj wasn't buying it.

On Wednesday, the Queens native participated in an X spaces co-hosted by Joe Budden where she spoke at length about the controversy surrounding her new single, "Big Foot." At the 17:30 mark of the conversation, the chat took a detour when Minaj speculated about Megan and King's interview, comparing it to Rihanna's 2009 CBS News appearance. The latter took place months after Rihanna was viciously assaulted by her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

"Now you go on Gayle King," Minaj said, after accusing Megan of villainzing artists like Tory Lanez, Da Baby and her ex-boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, for every album rollout. "She wanted a– To be honest, it's so obvious, she wanted a Rihanna moment so bad."

After some banter in the Spaces, Minaj continued, "But here's the thing, Rihanna is just known for being herself. You get what you see, you see what you get, you get what you see type of vibe, right? [...] Rihanna never would milk something. Like, you could tell she couldn’t wait to try to move on with her life, and then people even bashed her for not dragging it out, not milking it [...] She was just like, 'Yo, I was mad young. We were young. I'm just trying to move on with my life now.' You know why? Because Rihanna knows that she was a superstar with or without controversy. She’s beautiful with or without controversy. She’s loved with or without controversy, I’m sorry, sympathy."

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Minaj then directed her attention to Megan, who "Big Foot" – and the last five days of online vitriol – was aimed towards. "But when you need constant fucking sympathy and then you get on social media and you tell somebody 'Ain't nobody gonna respond to me.' Then when people respond to you, you go mute and then try to stop my song from coming out... If Nicki Minaj had done any of those things, oh, y'all would have a lot to say. But I understand heavy is the head that wears the crown. I am the Queen, okay?"

Nicki Minaj just hopped on Joe Budden's twitter spaces to address the Megan Thee Stallion beef, she calls out the "machine," YouTube and bots for manipulation

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Clearly, Minaj is still upset about the messy "Big Foot" rollout, which came after Megan Thee Stallion allegedly dissed Minaj and her husband, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty on "Hiss." Minaj continued to promote "Big Foot" on X and her Queen Radio livestream on Stationhead, not backing down from slights from Megan's 'Hotties' fanbase.

Nicki Minaj says on Twitter Spaces that Megan Thee Stallion wanted a “Rihanna moment” when she went on Gayle King:

“Now you go on Gayle King. To be honest, this is so obvious. She wanted a Rihanna moment so bad […] Rihanna would never milk something like that. You could tell…

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Minaj wasn't the only person to come after Megan after "Hiss" dropped last Friday. The Houston rapper mentioned Megan's Law on the track, which is a law focused on registered sex offenders, named after Megan Kanka, who was raped and murdered in 1994 in the Hamilton Township area of New Jersey. Offended at Megan Thee Stallion's "Hiss" lyrics, the Kanka family is reportedly looking into legal options, per TMZ.

Nicki Minaj on "Big Foot"

"This little beggin' wh*re talkin' 'bout Megan's law.
For a free beat, you can hit Megan raw.
If you a ghost writer, Pardi in Megan jaw.
Shots thrown but I still ain't let Megan score.
Bad b*tch she like six foot, I call her, 'Big Foot'.
The b*tch fell…

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