Kelly Rowland Appears to Tell Off Cannes Film Festival Security While Walking Red Carpet

The singer/actress was filmed confronting a security guard at the premiere of 'Marcello Mio.'

Antonin Thuillier / AFP via Getty Images

Kelly Rowland had to pop out and show a security guard who she was on the 2024 Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Tuesday.

The Destiny's Child member was attending the premiere of French-Italian comedy Marcello Mio when things evidently got heated between her and a red carpet staffer. As seen in a video from the event, Rowland stood for photographers while being led by an escort, before the security guard made a motion for Rowland to proceed up the stairs.

Rowland appeared to say something to the woman, even gently grabbing her arm, before the woman gave a response that upset the "Dilemma" singer enough to point a finger in her face while continuing to speak. The security guard appeared to be shocked and spoke to team members around Rowland, who shot back another comment at her.

We have a video! Do we have lip readers? 😂

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The incident marks the second time this year that Rowland got into it with a member of a production team. In February, the Mea Culpa star reportedly left the Today show when her dressing room wasn't up to her standards, per Page Six.

When later asked about the conflict on WGN News, Rowland declined to comment, instead sharing her "love" for Today and co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

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