Tee Grizzley Encourages Rappers to Invest in Life Insurance

Tee Grizzley took to Instagram to encourage fellow artists and Black men to invest in life insurance and wills in order to protect themselves and their families.


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Tee Grizzley took to Instagram to advocate for artists investing in life insurance so they can protect their family and assets in the case of a sudden tragedy or death.

“So look right, as rappers, as successful Black men from the trenches, we the No. 1 target and the least prepared,” Grizzley said in the video. “I feel like everybody should have life insurance. I need everybody to go get life insurance if you don’t got it. If you got kids, I need you to get a will set up for your kids so, God forbid anything happen, but if anything happen your people ain’t bold after you gone because you weren’t prepared and have your shit together.”

Grizzley went on to emphasize how he feels Black men are amongst the highest group targeted, yet the least prepared in case of emergency or tragedy like death. 

“We’re the No. 1 target and we’re the least prepared bro,” he said. “I need us to get on top of this shit, get life insurance, we need get to our wills right so the next generation don’t have to go as hard as we did and have to go through everything we did.”

This important message follows the release of Grizzley’s new album Built for Whatever which featured appearances from Big SeanLil DurkYoung DolphG Herbo, the late King Von, and more. Explaining the album's title, Grizzley said it encapsulates his life.

“The title of this album is my whole life in one sentence,” he explained. “The songs on the album and the things I refer to lyrically on each track reflect pieces of my real life. The name of this album is exactly what I am—built for whatever.”

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