Watch Chance the Rapper's Virtual Holiday Concert Film 'Chi-Town Christmas'

Chance the Rapper has just released his new holiday concert film 'Chi-Town Christmas,' which pays homage to his favorite Christmas movies, Chicago, and Jeremih.

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Chance the Rapper has just unveiled his new virtual Christmas film Chi-Town Christmas that shallot acts as a celebration of the holidays and Jeremih's COVID-19 recovery, as the two also just recently released their joint holiday project Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: The Gift That Keeps on Giving to streaming platforms for the first time.

Chance took to Instagram to drop a teaser for the Christmas special earlier this week. Paying homage to some of Chance's favorite Christmas movies and sitcom episodes, Chi-Town Christmas looks to celebrate the wonders of the holidays, the city of Chicago, and Jeremih's recovery after he was hospitalized from COVID-19 just a few weeks ago. 

The singer beat his battle with COVID and was discharged from the hospital on Dec. 4. While reflecting on his experience with Sway in the Morning, Jeremih said that through it all, he learned how serious this virus is.

"What I can say is, man, it definitely is real," he said. "I didn't take it for granted. And truth be told, this was kinda like … I'm a living, walking testimony. To let y'all know,  I was really down bad for the last month and a half. While I was in there, you know, I don't even remember the day I went in. That's how messed up I was."

He also explained the difficulties of having multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

"I had the tube down my throat for about a week and a half," he said. "I was really, like, in a dream and I ain't gonna lie, I woke up about two times and all I remember is just seeing a white light … What I ended up having—and I don't mind sharing it because now, you know, I'm here—it was called a [multisystem] inflammatory syndrome. MIS. Which is a rare case of, you know, cause and effect of [COVID-19]. My whole insides, all my organs, became inflamed. It was going down."

Watch Chance the Rapper's new virtual Christmas film Chi-Town Christmas up top.

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