Lloyd Banks Responds After DMX Questions His Lyrical Ability

On Monday, Lloyd Banks took to Twitter to issue a response shortly after DMX questioned his ability as a lyricist in an interview with Fatman Scoop.


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Lloyd Banks

This past weekend DMX spoke to Fatman Scoop in an IG Live conversation in which, of all things, the subject of how good of a lyricist Lloyd Banks is was brought up. 

The brief debate came after a friendly conversation about where X stands in the pantheon of all-time hip-hop legends. After being put in the "top 20" by Scoop, X seemed to wonder why he wasn't higher. The interviewer then ran down a series of names which put in perspective just how far back in history he was going for his list (see: as far back as possible).  

DMX wanted to know who Scoop considered to be great "lyrically." At that point several more names were rattled off, including: Big Daddy Kane, Nas, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Notorious B.I.G., and several others. DMX had no contention with those being listed until about the 20th entry (give or take a few) when Fatman said "Lloyd Banks." After a brief delay that can be chalked up to their mode of communication, DMX said "Lloyd Banks?"

Note the question mark. 

"Lloyd Banks? Lloyd Banks? Lloyd Banks?" he then repeated. 

Scoop couldn't believe that would even be an issue. "Of course!" he shouted back. 

After asking "seriously?" DMX asked the host to "quote four bars." He added that "it shouldn't be hard" if Banks was as great a lyricist as Scoop believed.

No bars were quoted, though obviously this could be attributed to the fact that it's sometimes hard to draw quotes up on the spot. 

You can watch around the 9:30 mark below.

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In response, Banks sent out the following tweets, first saying he didn't know what DMX was talking about with the snub, and then writing that he had not gone to the studio to work with X after the latter artist had reached out.

I have no clue..god bless him https://t.co/qxi3yF0zUl

— Lloydbanks (@Lloydbanks) May 25, 2020

So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good? 😂

— Lloydbanks (@Lloydbanks) May 25, 2020

He explains to a fan that things just didn't line up.

😆😆 dog is tweakin, but how you gone turn down a legend though?

— Leonidas ⚔️ (@BigGeneralRyoka) May 26, 2020

I didn’t..I had a flight to catch 🤷🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/4ARRCgciFr

— Lloydbanks (@Lloydbanks) May 26, 2020

In the interview embedded above, DMX also spoke about his desire to take on Jay-Z in a Verzuz battle. That subject first made headlines less than a week ago.

You can read up on that here. 

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