T.I. Wants ‘Verzuz’ Battle With Jay-Z, Says He’s ‘Doper’ Than 50 Cent

Along with Tip, DMX has stated on multiple occasions that he wants to battle Jay-Z. Snoop Dogg also believes he's a sizable match-up for Hov.

T.I. attends 2019 A3C Festival & conference

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

T.I. attends 2019 A3C Festival & conference

Since Verzuz began, artists have been trying to find a way to bring the king out of his castle. Now, it appears T.I. wants to be the one to go head-to-head with Jay-Z

Fans watched as 50 Cent ignore Tip's repeated challenges to engage in a hit-for-hit battle. Yet 50's elusiveness is fine with T.I. since this wasn't his original target. 

"To be honest with you man, I want Jay!" Tip told All Def's Roast This.

Although he wants to take on Hova, Tip admits that this is a far-fetched idea. "Who can see [Jay-Z] sitting down to do a battle? If I'm a billionaire, I'm not finna do that, either, but me and 50 ain't that far off," T.I. continued. "As far as our confidence, as far as our bankrolls go, we kinda neck and neck, whether he wants to [admit] it or not. And another thing, it's personality. I need somebody who has a personality that won't be so intimidated by my bravado."

This confidence carried over when T.I. explained why he believes he would win a Verzuz battle against 50 Cent despite Fif's massive record sales.

"I'm doper," he said. "I don't care who sold however many records, I don't care who has more number ones whether that means I'm up, meaning I have more number ones, more records sold, less records sold. Don't care about that. I think my catalog is doper."

People have been trying to find a formidable opponent for the Jigga Man since these Verzuz battles started to take off. Along with Tip, DMX has stated on multiple occasions that he wanted to battle Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg believes that he's a sizable match up for Hov. 

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