Despite the names that have been thrown DMX's way for a potential 'Verzuz' battle, it sounds like the rapper his eyes set on only one opponent.

Initially, rumors swirled that Eminem wanted to go head-to-head with DMX. But on Tuesday, N.O.R.E. took to social media, where he shared a video of DMX talking to what sounds like Swizz Beatz on the phone. During their conversation, DMX tells his former fellow-Ruff Ryder that he wants to step into the proverbial ring with Jay-Z.

"[Eminem] don't want it," DMX said, before playfully referring to Hov as his "arch-nemesis."

"I rather go against my arch-nemesis," he said. "You can't go in the basement and play some records?!... That's what I'm saying. That's why it should be done. It's a celebration. We're celebrating music. He got some hits, too! He can play 'Money, Cash, Hoes,' then I can play 'Money, Cash, Hoes,'" DMX added, referencing his 1998 collaboration with Jay-Z.

Although X has been adamant about taking on Jigga, N.O.R.E. insists that there is no bad blood between the two.

"Sent this to hov and he said dmx will never be his nemesis he’s his brother and I respect that salute them both I LOVE HIPHOP!!!" he wrote on Instagram. 

X's desire to battle Hov could be fueled by his unquenchable competitive nature and their storied history. Outside of their longstanding feud that ended in 2016, Jigga and X had a legendary face-to-face battle in the Bronx, prior to their respective mainstream careers. While the winner of their battle is subjective, X recently told Drink Champs that a Verzuz battle would serve as the "tie-breaker" in their best-of-three series.