Dave East Explains Why He Removed Kodak Black From His Debut Album

Kodak was supposed to appear on the song "Night Shift" with Lil Baby on 'Survival.'

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Kodak Black turned heads with the comments he made about Lauren London following the death of Nipsey Hussle. Several artists took it upon themselves to chastise the rapper for his distasteful joke. During an interview with Big Boy, Dave East said that these comments prompted him to take a verse Kodak off his debut album, Survival

East starts off by dispelling the notion that he has beef with Kodak. "I don't have a problem with Kodak," East said at the interview 56:30 mark. Kodak was supposed to appear on the song "Night Shift" with Lil Baby, but East's conscious wouldn't allow him to bypass the remarks Black made about his friend.

"Me and Nip—like I said when you asked me—it was deeper than rap. So anybody—I don't care who it might have been—don't speak on that man after he's gone if it's not in a positive light. Don't speak on that man's woman, that man's kids. Don't bring that man up," East said. "I just couldn't have a song called 'The Marathon Continues' where I'm talking to my brother—and he's on it—and a few songs before it, you know... But like I said, I don't have no problems with homie. Free Kodak Black." East echoed these feelings during an interview with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed around the 3:30 mark.

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Dave East and Big Boy also touched on one of the biggest stories in music. According to East, he met 6ix9ine prior to his affiliation with the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. East claimed that the rapper was merely a fly on the wall in the music industry at this point.

"We was in the studio," East said about 53:00 into the interview. "He didn't have no tattoos, he didn't have no colorful hair. He had a regular haircut. He sat in the corner. He was a cameraman. He used to do videos... Real L-7 if you ask me. Next time I see him, he's the biggest blood I've ever seen on Earth."

6ix9ine's transformation was so extreme that one of East's friends had to prove to him that the rapper was the same kid that they met in the studio. "I knew a lot of the people in the video with him that was actually real right. They official," He continued. "So that's what threw me off... It's the money man. Money is crazy. Money and fame make people do things they wouldn't normally do."

East also stated that he knew 6ix9ine's gang affiliation would turn sour if he was ever arrested. "If it ever went bad he was telling," East said. "He ain't from that and he ain't sign up for that... We—from the 'hood—call people 'snitches.' Nowhere else do they care... We created that. So if you ain't from that life or sign up for that life how you gonna feel like he gonna hold that down?"

You can watch the full interview, above.

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