Ebro Addresses Kodak Black and His Insensitive Comments Towards Lauren London

Ebro speaks on Kodak Black and why he thinks Hot 97 should continue playing his music.

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Kodak Black has come under fire for his comments about the late Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend Lauren London. These distasteful remarks sparked outrage from almost everyone within the music business, even leading Los Angeles' Power 106 radio station to ban Kodak from their airwaves. As a result, Hot 97's Ebro Darden decided to share his thoughts on the situation. 

On Monday, Ebro took to the air where he spoke candidly about Kodak's controversial comments. "I already gave him the button a long time ago. In person," Ebro stated. "So I didn't have time for Kodak Black and his comments about waiting a year to have sex with Nipsey Hussle's widow."

Ebro went on to explain that he will continue to play Kodak Black's music as a punishment for listeners that took the rapper's side when the two had a confrontation. "What y'all want me to do? Y'all want me to stop playing Kodak Black's music up here? Y'all kept playing his music when me and him got into it," Darden said. "Now y'all tweeting me talking 'bout 'Y'all should yank his music too.' Nah, I ain't yankin' nothing. I'mma let that soak in on y'all."

Ebro continued his monologue by claiming his listeners did not care about Kodak's multiple sexual abuse charges. These rape allegations were the point of contention during an interview that went left. While appearing on Darden's Ebro in the Morning show, Black became irritated with Ebro's line of questioning in regards to his pending rape cases. This resulted in Black walking out of the interview before it was finished. Because of the exchange's viral nature, many assumed that Darden did this reaction which forced Ebro to defend himself.

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