People Think Future Is Shading Ciara Over Controversial '#LevelUp' Tweet

"Make sense on social media," Future says.

This weekend, Ciara was dragged by fans after she tweeted a sermon from John W. Gray III about marriage, alongside a simple caption that read: "#LevelUp."

Some people were upset with Ciara for sitting on a high horse and telling others how to approach their romantic relationships. Others thought Gray's message was shaming women who aren't in heteronormative marriages. Then, of course, others pointed out that Gray's story was in line with the trajectory of Ciara’s canceled engagement to ex-fiancé Future amid rumors of infidelity.

Ciara attempted to clean up the mess by quickly posting a follow-up message to Instagram that explained she was at her "lowest moment" when she was a single mother before having a religious moment: "That's when I realized married or not married... I needed to love myself." The note included another #LevelUp hashtag.

Many fans still weren't happy with the explanation, however. Late Sunday evening, Future chimed in with a cryptic message of his own that read: "Make sense on social media. Great job."

Make sense on social media. Great Job

— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) January 22, 2018

While he didn't mention her by name, Twitter is assuming Future is speaking about his ex. And, like they've done many times in the past, fans and trolls alike were quick to jump in Future's mentions and weigh in on the constantly evolving dynamic between Future, Ciara, and her husband Russell Wilson.

She Leveled Up and that's why your son calls him Papa Russ

— Queen Life (@TruthfullyQueen) January 22, 2018

After 4 years, she still bothers you! 😂😂

— crescent_city985 (@crescentcity985) January 22, 2018

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