Azealia Banks Calls Kendrick Lamar a ‘Small, Fake Gangsta Nepo Baby,’ Says Drake ‘Won’ Beef

The "212" rapper had some thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's Drake-dissing "Euphoria."

Singer on stage performing with microphone, wearing a strapless top and gloves
Singer on stage performing with microphone, wearing a strapless top and gloves

Azealia Banks has entered the chat.

On Wednesday, the “212” artist offered her opinion on Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss track, “Euphoria.” On her Instagram Story, Banks responded to a Billboard post that read, “Kendrick Lamar’s response was worth the wait.”

She clearly didn’t agree. “No, it was not,” she wrote. “Kendrick is still 4’9” and wears the same jean size as me. No one on earth cares about the feelings of small, fake gangsta nepo babies.”

Banks continued, “@billboard y’all really are paid for. Even the tone and timbre of Kendrick’s voice is an ultimate defeat. Lol stop lying.”

Kendrick Lamar in a black hat and jacket facing the camera with a serious expression, in a social media screenshot

Her diatribe didn’t end there. In another post on her IG Story, Banks came for the Cardi and Sounwave-produced beat. “And that beat Kendrick is rapping on is dumb trash and the mix is muddy as hell. Quit the bullshit. Drake won. That’s it.”

Text from an Instagram story criticizing someone's music, implying it's bad and stating "Quit the bullshit. That's it."

That still wasn’t all for Banks. In a third post to her Story, she went in on specific lines from “Euphoria.” First up was Kenny’s lyric about YNW Melly: “I pray they my real friends, if not, I'm YNW Melly,” he raps in the first verse.

Banks wrote, “The YNW Melly line was weak. That kid is being tried in Florida for a double homicide with potential to receive the death penalty as punishment for his crime.”

Melly has been held in prison without bond since 2019, following the fatal shooting of his two friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. He has been awaiting retrial on capital murder charges after his first trial was declared a mistrial last summer.

Melly responded to being mentioned on the track, telling TMZ, "Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite rappers so I feel honored and appalled...I'm a household name—just for the wrong shit!!!"

Next, Banks appeared to address Lamar’s cease-and-desist line from “Euphoria," in which Kung Fu Kenny appears to accuse Drizzy of sending a cease-and-desist to prevent “Like That” from releasing: “Try cease and desist on the ‘Like That’ record? / Ho, what? You ain't like that record?”

Summarized text from a social media post discussing legal issues related to a musician named Azealia Banks

“Realize Kendrick sent goons to have both diss tracks from Cole and Drake removed from DSPs before he dropped this shitty pamper,” Banks claimed. 

“Drake should be petty and file against [Kendrick] for death threats since prosecutors like to use rappers’ lyrics as evidence,” she added. “There’s absolutely a legitimate legal way to punk Kendrick into also giving Drake [an] apology and having him remove his garbage track from the internet everywhere.”

Banks also went to her IG grid to share additional thoughts about Kendrick’s diss.

“Kendrick Lamar is so puny, runty, and unfuckable, there’s nothing he can do to ‘win’ anything,” she spewed. “I’m completely sorry but the little man anger is never ever going to be a thing. Kendrick is also a nepo baby and that’s the only reason why he’s in the forefront.”

Text on a plaque with Kendrick Lamar quote from a song. Comments on a social media post shown on the right

K.Dot's "Euphoria" was a direct shot at Drake and arrived after the 6 God dropped off his own diss track, "Push Ups" in mid-April. The pair's years-long sneak dissing escalated after Lamar took jabs at Drake and J. Cole on Metro Boomin and Future's song, "Like That." Many speculate that Lamar was responding to multiple digs from Drake and Cole on their collab song, "First Person Shooter."

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