Britney Spears Admits She 'Misses' Family Despite Feud: 'We All Have Issues'

Spears' relationship with her family has been strained ever since the end of her 13-year conservatorship.

Britney Spears in a black long-sleeve outfit with sparkling accents, posing with hands on hips
Ethan Miller via Getty Images
Britney Spears in a black long-sleeve outfit with sparkling accents, posing with hands on hips

Following the dissolution of her allegedly abusive conservatorship, Britney Spears has been estranged from her family and has spoken at length about their issues. In a new post, however, she's admitted that she "misses" them.

"We all have issues with our family but dear God you can’t help how much you love them," Spears wrote alongside an image of Yasmin Mogahed's book Reclaim Your Heart and a picture of her mother Lynne Spears joined by her sister Jamie Lynn Spears' daughters. "I’m not in this picture but I sure as hell feel like I am. On a side note … If you know me, I’ve always ended up at this kids table at every function I’ve ever been to !!! The most elite expensive dinners and I always find myself just like this sitting in the back with the kids 👧🏼👦🏼!!!"

Spears explained that she decided to share the picture because of how much she misses being with her family.

"I’m posting this pic because my family is absolutely beautiful and I miss them," she added. "So not to sound righteous but in a world of chaos and confusion the trickery of the devil is to mislead you and humiliate you 👿 … and make you think you’re less than !!! I wanted to share this pic because although I’m not in it … I sure as hell felt as though I was !!! Pssss swipe to see !!!"

In the image, the retired pop star's mother is sitting at a kid's table for dinner alongside 15-year-old Maddie, 6-year-old Ivey Joan, and other family members.

Spears has been up-front about her issues with her family following the end of her 13-year conservatorship, which she was placed under involuntarily by her father, Jamie Spears. "The way I was brought up I was always taught the formative of right and wrong but the very two people who brought me up with that method hurt me !!!” she wrote in a since-deleted post last month. "The child in me knows they would be destroyed and that’s basically it !!! I do miss my home in Louisiana and I wish I could visit but they took everything."

In her 2023 memoir, The Woman in Me, she alleged that her father conveyed her as someone who was "too sick to choose [her own] boyfriend and yet somehow healthy enough to appear on sitcoms and morning shows, and to perform for thousands of people in a different part of the world every week." Her father was in control of her financial assets during the conservatorship, which significantly strained her relationship with him and the rest of her family. She also accused him of controlling her diet and forcing her into a mental health facility.

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