Video Shows Young Thug Accusing Pilot of Being Racist After Getting Kicked Off Private Jet

Young Thug took to Instagram Live on Wednesday to broadcast a confrontation he had with a pilot after the Atlanta rapper was kicked off a private jet.

Young Thug onstage at 2021 REVOLT Summit

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Young Thug onstage at 2021 REVOLT Summit

Young Thug took to Instagram Live on Wednesday to broadcast a confrontation he had with a pilot, who the Atlanta rapper accused of being racist for kicking him and his crew off a private jet over not having proper identification and allegedly being disrespectful. 

The video begins with Thug asking the pilot why he was kicked off the plane. “You said my friend couldn’t get on the plane because he didn’t have an ID,” Thug said. “Did he disrespect you?” he asked, which prompted the pilot to remind Thugger, “You cannot fly without an ID.”

From there, Thug asked the pilot to explain how they were being disrespectful. “How did we disrespect one of your colleagues?” he asked, as the skipper continued to give Thugger the silent treatment. 

Thugger then accused the pilot of being racist. “You can’t tell me nothing else that happened,” he said, adding, “You’re racist as fuck. Your wife should leave you.”

The confrontation continued like that for several minutes, before a few police officers arrived and Thug gave them a full rundown of the situation.

It didn’t take long before Drake joined Thug’s IG Live to lend his support. “Hit me let’s book a new plane,” he commented. Of course, Drizzy does in fact possess the power to send Thugger a private jet in the form of Air Drake

It’s not yet completely clear why Thug was kicked off the plane. This story will be updated as as soon as more details are uncovered.

In other news, Gunna, who was also with Thugger on the plane, dropped off the music video for his DS4Ever track “Pushing P” featuring Future and the Punk rapper. 

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