Here's a Look Inside Air Drake

Take a tour of Air Drake, the rapper's private jet, through video clips shared online.

Drake gets in on the fun as the 4th quarter winds down.

Image via Getty/Rick Madonik/Toronto Star

Drake gets in on the fun as the 4th quarter winds down.

Last week, Drake dropped another massive flex when he announced his partnership with Cargojet by showing off the exterior of the new Air Drake jet — complete with 6 God prayer hands and the OVO owl decals. Now, the rapper is giving his followers a chance to experience all of the plane by showing off the luxury aircraft's interior. 

Supporting home grown businesses has always been a top priority of mine, so when an opportunity came up to get involved with Cargojet, a great Canadian company I was honored to do so. @CargoJetAirways @ajayvirmani1

On Sunday, Drake's team boarded the plane for the first time and of course, the cameras were out. After piecing together the footage, it is clear to see that Drake put an emphasis on comfort when brokering the deal. True to his brand, some sultry R&B was playing in the background while his team toured the jet. From what is seen, Air Drake doesn't just have a personal bedroom but there is also a living room that can be closed off from the cabin and the room.

Inside of Air Drake.

— Drizzy Source (@DrizzySource) May 11, 2019

As far as the plane's cabin, it couldn't be more Drake. There are multiple wraparound couches while the materials consist of a perfect balance between leather and crushed velvet. Adding to the plane's classy leisure, there is a hardwood table surrounded by individual reclining seats. The walls are filled with mirrors lined by hardwood that matches the table to complete the theme.

Basically, it is safe to assume that Dennis G and company will enjoy Air Drake just as much as OVO

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