Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Reflect on Formative Moment Together in Hulu’s ‘RapCaviar Presents' Teaser

Spotify’s biggest hip-hop playlist has the docuseries 'RapCaviar Presents' coming to Hulu in March. See Tyler and Pharrell reflect on their past in a teaser.

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Hulu will take hip-hop fans behind the scenes in its new series RapCaviar Presents.

The streaming giant released a teaser for the first episode, which will feature Pharrell working with Tyler, the Creator on the latter’s 2015 album Cherry Bomb

The clip sees Tyler express his admiration for Pharrell, explaining that as a 10- or 11-year-old he didn’t have a father figure or older brother to look up to. By the time they joined forces to work on Tyler’s 2015 project, Pharrell could see T’s artistry in a way the younger rapper/producer/visionary could not.

“We go to the studio,” Tyler shared, “and I’m in there, he’s like, looking up to me, like, ‘You got it, n***a, you just don’t see it, n***a you got it, you got this shit!’”

“Make something undeniable, and make it equally as infectious,” Pharrell recalled telling Tyler in the teaser. “Why are you doing music? Is it just because you just want to look cool? ’Cause that will burn out. When it becomes purpose-oriented, it can be as cool as the flashy shit, but it will be much more meaningful.”

Tyler said that moment made him decide “no more being silly...music first,” and that when he got home he “just wanted to change everything, I just wanted to switch—and the switch fucking happened.”

Besides Cherry Bomb, Tyler and Pharrell have collaborated on tracks like 2022’s “Cash In Cash Out” and “Come On, Let’s Go” as well as “Juggernaut,” “IFHY,” and more.

The seven-episode Hulu series will premiere March 30, with looks at Tyler, plus City Girls, Jack Harlow, Polo G, Roddy Ricch, Coi Leray, and more.

Carl Chery, Spotify’s head of urban music and creative director of the RapCaviar series, said, “Spotify continues to find ways to innovate and grow the influence of our playlist brands. We’re excited to expand the RapCaviar universe through this docuseries with our partners at Hulu. Using hip-hop as a vehicle to examine society, we’re revealing stories through the lens of visionaries like Tyler, The Creator, and the City Girls. Through RapCaviar Presents, we’re hoping to entertain and educate hip-hop fans and spark meaningful conversations about music and culture.”

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