Chris Brown Drops the State of the Union Track Nobody Asked for

Because the only person better to address the nation than Trump is Chris Brown, apparently.

Chris Brown

Image via Getty/Aaron J. Thornton

Chris Brown

Following Donald Trump's State of the Union last night, which consisted mostly of him patting himself on the back, Chris Brown has released a track called "State of the Union" for some reason. As far as releases nobody asked for goes, this is definitely up there. The newly released SoundCloud drop, which sees Brown singing over Goaepele's 2004 track "Closer," is pretty much exactly what you might expect from Chris Brown.

The track takes on a bit of a looser style than usual, perhaps, but it's still very much a Chris Brown joint. "Every day, I'm feeling like I can't breathe," he sings. "Got the weight of the world on me," he continues, painting himself as something of a victim. He touches on everything from his faith in god to running from the police. 

During the song, Brown also sings, "Just go ahead and let god in / He got us, yeah / Tired of running from the police / Never fucking over my homies." If he's tired of running from the police, maybe he should consider not being abusivetoward women.

"State of the Union" comes just months after Brown released Heartbreak on a Full Moon, an over-two-hour studio album with 45 tracks. The album, which was overlong in an attempt to chart higher on the Billboard 200, charted at No. 3 with 68,000 units. 

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