Blueface Calls Mom ‘Clout Chaser’ After Video Surfaces Showing Him Kicking Her Out of His Home

Blueface and his family are airing out a lot of their problems over social media, and it isn't pretty.


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Blueface and his family are airing out a lot of their problems over social media, and it isn't pretty. The "Thotiana" rapper, who is currently in a relationship with two women, has been filmed by both his mother and his sister Kali kicking them out of his Los Angeles home. One of his girlfriends reportedly refused to greet his mom, which kicked off the whole ordeal. Blueface's sister and mother both lived at the home with him.

After an argument kicked off between his girlfriends and his family, Blueface allegedly sided with his romantic interests. In the first of the videos, which was streamed by his mother, he can be seen kicking his sister as he yells, "Get out of my house." After the two of them are outside of the home, his mother can be heard telling him, "I love you, take care of yourself."

When all the drama began to circulate online, Blueface chimed in on his Instagram Stories. "Sheesh you know it's getting hectic when yo own momma do it for the clout," he wrote.

Meanwhile, his sister Kali wrote on her Instagram Stories to clarify what's going on. "Moms visiting & I'm waiting for my apartment that's ready tomorrow," she wrote. "Ain't no free loading period everything you see me do I did for me. Sad what a bitch can do to a n***a head." She also responded to the rapper's allegation that their mother is a "clout chaser," adding, "You only got clout cuz of mommy stupid! How you think you got here? Saddest thing is she paid all those studio sessions when you was living in your car!"

Blueface later shared a throwback video in which he gave his mother $10,000 alongside a number of messages. "I bet don't none of y'all mommas know how to go live on IG," he wrote. "I'll take this to the chin an let y'all eat this internet story up even got a couple more followers coming in just remember none of you were there so none of you really knows what happen."

Blueface defended his actions and added, "My mom let me live in my car. I got my own shit now when it's time to go it's time go." He continued, "Sister tryna get a whole modeling career going off this an y'all really buying this."

Over the weekend, Blueface was reportedly detained during a traffic stop in Los Angeles. He was allegedly pulled over for tinted windows, missing plates, and speeding. He was placed in cuffs but was ultimately let off with a warning as they concluded there was "no crime committed."

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