50 Cent Trolls Diddy at Dreamville Fest: 'I Love You My Brother, No P Diddy'

The rapper isn't letting Diddy forget about the allegations against him.

Person on stage in a white cap, orange vest over a white shirt, and gold chain
Astrida Valigorsky via Getty Images
Person on stage in a white cap, orange vest over a white shirt, and gold chain

During his performance at J. Cole's Dreamville Fest, 50 Cent took a moment to make it clear he won't stop trolling Diddy anytime soon.

Fif, who has been relentlessly trolling Diddy ever since he was accused of sexual misconduct in several lawsuits, addressed the crowd between songs during his set on Saturday, April 6. "I love you brother, no P Diddy," he said. "I love you even if you're a sex worker."

50 Cent at Dreamville:

“I love you brother, no P. Diddy” pic.twitter.com/jh8ohiG3gf

— Luck (@Quierra_Luck) April 7, 2024
Twitter: @Quierra_Luck

Last week, 50 Cent shared a post highlighting Cassie's alleged cooperation in a federal investigation into Diddy over sex trafficking allegations. "It's not looking good for the Diddler," he wrote alongside a screenshot of a TMZ report. Cassie was the first woman to file a lawsuit against Diddy last year and accused him of abuse, rape, and sex trafficking. The suit was settled one day after it was filed.

50 Cent has been going after Diddy ever since Cassie's lawsuit, but he's been relentless ever since Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones filed a similar case against the Bad Boy Records founder. That's also not mentioning the federal investigation against Diddy, who had his properties in Los Angeles and Miami last month. Further complicating the matter is the accusations against Daphne Joy, the mother of Fif's son, Sire Jackson. She's been accused of being employed by Diddy as a sex worker, something 50 Cent has been sure to mock his ex about. She has since accused 50 Cent of rape and abuse.

In another recent post mocking Diddy, 50 Cent shared a video that showed an awkward moment in an interview between the embattled mogul and boxer Mike Tyson. "hahaha look at Mike, oh no your not gonna touch my ASS buddy. LOL," he wrote alongside a clip, which showed Tyson shuffling away from Diddy after he touched his hand.

50 Cent isn't the only person to utilize "no Diddy," an apparent replacement for the very outdated "no homo," in the wake of the allegations against him. Earlier this month, Antonio Brown shared a fake poster for the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang featuring Diddy and Meek's faces photoshopped into the image. "Diddy Diddy Bang Bang," the poster read, which Brown captioned "No Diddy."

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