Meek Mill Calls Out Antonio Brown for Allegedly DMing Young Girl After Former NFL Star Made 'No Diddy' Joke

People have speculated that Meek was the rapper whose name was redacted in a February lawsuit against Diddy.

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Meek Mill and Antonio Brown are sending shots on social media over the Philadelphia rapper's alleged involvement in a lawsuit against Diddy.

For context: Back in February, a former producer and videographer for Diddy filed a lawsuit claiming that he had been sexually assaulted by the Bad Boys Records founder.

As previously reported, a rapper whose name was redacted in the lawsuit was described as “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.” Meek, a Philly native, dated Minaj from 2014 to 2016. However, there’s still currently no proof that Meek is actually the redacted individual or that he engaged in any of the alleged actions.

On Friday, Antonio Brown roasted Meek for being sexually involved with Diddy, as the latter currently faces multiple civil lawsuits over alleged sexual assault and sex trafficking.

Brown posted a fake poster for the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with pictures of Diddy and Meek photoshopped into the image, which read, "Diddy Diddy Bang Bang." He captioned the meme with the word "No Diddy."

Tweet showing a photoshopped movie poster with two male celebrities as characters riding a motorbike. The image is humorous and not from an actual film

After catching wind of AB's comments, Meek took to Twitter to wonder why the football player can't keep his name out of his mouth. Meek posted a screenshot of a 2019 conversation between Brown and Tom Brady, in which AB referred to Meek's Dreamchasers label.

In a since-deleted tweet, Meek wrote, "How do I keep coming across these slow n****s mind lol."

From there, he accused AB of sending a DM to a "lil girl" who's related to Meek. "He went crazy seen me around team owners and I became his target lol," he wrote.

The image contains a series of tweets from Meek Mill discussing a person's support and financial independence

"I have dms of you dming a lil girl actually my family," Meek added." Chill [before] I end you forever...take ya meds bro."

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