Young Thug on Bond With Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Lil Durk: 'I'm Ready to Die By These People'

In a new interview Friday, both Young Thug and Gunna dropped gems on their collab “Ski” and why YSL has managed to be successful for a decade.

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If there’s anything more impressive than the amount of talent Young Thug and his Young Stoner Life collective have been able to bring together on their new record Slime Language 2, it’s the amount of love Thugger has for his peers.

In a new Friday interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily, both Thug and Gunna dropped gems on their collab “Ski,” why YSL has managed to be successful for a decade, and the importance of friendships in hip-hop. During the chat, Lowe asked Thug about affiliations and bringing in collaborators who aren’t neccessarily part of YSL, to which Thug added that while not everybody is a direct part of the label, they’re still “all part of the Slime.”

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— Zane Lowe (@zanelowe) April 16, 2021

“I’m ready to die about Future,” Thug said. “I’m ready to die by a Lil Baby, Durk And Uzi. I’m ready to die by these people. You know what I’m saying? If it ever comes down to it, this sh-t ain’t got nothing to do with no music. They was a part of the whole situation. There was a part of the whole thing. I always anybody who I had encountered. You know what I’m saying? I always turn them to family. We don’t look at them like a rappers. We all look at each other like brothers and sisters. Bro, we really argue every day, bro.”

At one point in the conversation, Thug elaborated on the creative process behind the new record, which dropped Friday with additional features from Drake, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, comparing the process to playing a show. 

“It seemed like a show,” Thug said. “It seemed like a Lollapalooza, Coachella. It just seemed like a show. Every moment was performing. Those was more a performance. You got to show up. You know what I’m saying? Everybody’s watching there. Everybody here. Everybody in your shit. Everybody in your face, you got to show up. It just felt like that. Every moment.”

Talking on the success of YSL after a decade since its formation, Thugger attributed the collective’s rise to doing “god work.”

“I don’t care about failing,” he shared. “I don’t care about passing. Like I’m just on with it. When I’m with it. I’m with it. And I feel like that’s the most, I think that’s what keep us successful. Like the fact that it’s all a risk. You know what I’m saying? And I don’t care about the risks. I don’t even think about the risks. When it comes down to family. When it comes down to this Record Label. No none of this – this shit can go down the drain. Like long as I wake up everyday and become a brother, I’m happy with this.”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to spin Slime Language 2 yet today, check it out here

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