Kodak Black Responds to People Saying He’s Actually a Clone

The Florida rapper left prison with a new look in mid-January, but that doesn't mean he's okay with people continuing to call him an imposter.


Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson


There’s only one Kodak Black, and he wants to make sure his fans don’t second guess that.

During an Instagram Live on Saturday, the emcee addressed rumors that he hasn’t been himself lately. After former President Trump commuted his prison sentence, Kodak soon became the subject of speculation that he was actually a clone of his real self. The rumor stems from the Florida rapper leaving prison with longer hair, a skinnier build, and a bit of a fresher sound.

The internet ran with it. And Kodak wasn’t too thrilled. 

“‘Why this don’t sound like Kodak?’ What the hell? So who I sound like? All this little clone shit starting to make me mad now,” Kodak said on his Live. “See back then, all my other little bids, whenever this little clone shit came out, I wasn’t really trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

Clone accusations toward artists aren’t new territory. Back when Gucci Mane was released from prison in 2016, fans began to speculate that the rapper, who came out more ripped than usual, wasn’t the real Guwop. Of course, all of that was unfounded. These types of clone rumors extend past those who served time, like in the case of Eminem, and sometimes take on a life of their own outside of hip-hop, such as the conspiracy that Paul McCartney died decades ago or Andrew W.K. is an industry plant and actually several people.

In Black’s case, fans began speculating that he wasn’t the real Kodak when he posted a jail photo on Instagram back in July 2019. He looked a bit different, but Kodak has gotten tired of the rumors. 

“You can’t motherfuckin’ duplicate this shit,” Kodak said. “All kind of n***as be trying to imitate this shit…that’s why they was mad that I came home.”

Since he was released, Kodak has dropped two new singles, “Every Balmain” and “Last Day In.” He’s also reportedly offered to pay college tuition for the children of FBI agents who were killed in Florida. As for where he’s at legally, Kodak still has a pending case for alleged criminal sexual misconduct in South Carolina. 

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