Soulja Boy Says He's Going to Be Hip-Hop's Next Billionaire: 'That's Where I'm Heading'

Soulja is officially in mogul mode.

Soulja Boy came into his episode of Everyday Struggle hot. Akademiks, Nadeska and and Wayno handled it like pros, though. The hosts were able to walk the SODMG rapper away from the contentious back-and-forth that started his interview to get at what's really on his mind: becoming a proper hip-hop mogul. 

Soulja said that he is always trying to double his money, that no matter how much he gets he always wants to turn it into more money. That's why he keeps ending up in ventures like the Soulja Game. He said that no matter what, he wants to avoid going back to where he came from, namely Section 8 housing. 

Soulja knows that his constant side hustles make him a target for easy jokes, but he thinks it will be worth it when he breaks into the upper echelon of hip-hop wealth. 

"I'm gonna be the next Diddy. I'ma be the next JAY-Z. I'ma be the next motherfuckin', whoever was a billionare, Dr. Dre. Them three n*ggas. That's where I'm heading to," he said. "Right now, it looks funny. Right now, y'all gonna laugh and clown and I'ma trend but 10 years later I'ma be that billionaire and y'all gonna be looking stupid as fuck."

While it wasn't all smiles and the conversation regularly got loud as Soulja tried to shout down questions about his life, the rapper did take time to apologize to Akademiks for calling him everything but a child of God in the past. He said that he was being attacked from all sides and couldn't tell if any new person was on his side.     

"I owe you an apology, bruh. I apologize to you, bruh. I came at you the wrong way when I was beefing with everybody," he said. "I done straight sat up here and told this n*gga the most foulest shit I could think of and he still kept it cool with me. I said 'When I see this n*gga, I'ma apologize. I been tried to apologize to you two, three years ago. You had me blocked on Twitter forever."

In an interview that was full of moments where Soulja tried to clear the air, he took another opportunity to talk about his housing situation. The "Crank Dat" artist made headlines earlier this year when it looked like he was being tossed out of his California home. Soulja's reps said that the property belonged to a business associate and that Soulja wasn't going through any hardships.

"The property mentioned in the article was leased by Soulja Boy’s business partner, businessman and up-coming recording artist Possible Philly,” a representative said in a statement. “Soulja Boy has nothing to do with the rental agreement and subsequently his name should not have been included in any accounts related to the property.” 

On EDS, he stated again that he has nothing to do with the house. He said that he has a house in Malibu that he purchased outright for $4.9 million, repeating the figure for emphasis.  That handled, Soulja put out a few more fires. He offered updates on the hacking of his SouljaWatch site and explained why he was squaring up with Famous Dex over Instagram Live.

It wasn't all beef for the self-proclaimed Comeback King of 2018, though. No amount of questioning could knock Soulja off of his preferred hill: that he's the hottest rapper in the game. He offered little in the way of evidence and balked when confronted with charts, preferring to cite a Future imitation as proof that he's on top. 

"I got Future mimicking me. I'm the hottest. I got Meek Mill posting me on his page. I'm the hottest," he said. "I went up 200,000 followers on Instagram in one day." 

Watch the interview in its entirety above. 

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