Soulja Boy Says His Ex-Cameraman Hacked SouljaWatch Site

At this rate, we can expect at *least* one new Soulja Boy adventure per day.

Image via Getty/Greg Doherty

Soulja Boy, fresh off arguing with Famous Dex on Instagram Live and pointing out the current lameness of Kanye West on The Breakfast Club, has now publicly accused his "ex-cameraman" of hacking the website for his SouljaWatch device. 

In a tweet early Thursday, Soulja urged his fans to hit up Shopify and related support pages. According to him, this ex-cameraman ultimately took the site down. "You can't stop me," Soulja said. A Shopify rep later responded.

Anyway, here are the tweets:

everyone tell @ShopifySupport @Shopify to contact me asap please and thanks its about my site my ex-cameraman hacked my site and took it down lol at the haters nothing but the devil. You can't stop me i only tried to help you. God is good!

— Soulja Boy (Draco) (@souljaboy) January 17, 2019

Thanks for reaching out to us and letting us know. I'm sending you a DM for more context if you could take a peek. If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know, I'm happy to help! -Ted

— Shopify Support (@ShopifySupport) January 17, 2019

The SouljaWatch was the subject of much debate earlier this month when several people reported that repeated emails to customer support about a shipment status had been left ignored. Soulja's foray into video game consoles has been met with similar controversy. During his instaclassic Breakfast Club appearance earlier this week, however, Soulja stood by the product.

Thursday (1/17), Soulja Boy hit Everyday Struggle and got more into the hack, starting at the 19:40 mark below:


Hours prior to the ex-cameraman claims, Soulja Boy was on Instagram Live calling out Famous Dex before later linking up for a live argument. "I put you on, you ungrateful ass little crackhead," he said. "Fuck is wrong with you, n***a? You a fuckin' junkie, n***a."

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