How Kanye Talking to James Turrell Connects to Drake

Kanye might be building something big (or he might just be petty).

kanye west

Image via Getty/Bruce Glikas

kanye west

Kanye West likes to share when he's talking to famous designers and artists. It's one of the more consistent things we can still expect from Ye in this erratic stage of his career. On Thursday morning he shared a screenshot of a three-way phone call he was having with two incredibly famous creatives and this tweet might be more than just a high-society brag. 

The two names are James Turrell and Norman Foster, icons in their field, if not exactly household names. In terms of recent Kanye news, Turrell is the more interesting of the pair. Drake famously copped the artist's whole aesthetic for his megahit "Hotline Bling" video. Since Kanye is beefing with Drake in a very public way at the moment, the fact that he can get Turrell on the phone might be a particularly pointed flex. 

A week ago Ye tweeted his admiration, saying, "We all will live in Turrell spaces."

The inclusion of Foster in Thursday's tweet throws the pettiness theory into doubt, though. Foster is one of the most well-regarded living architects, having designed structures that even non-design nerds can pull up in their mind's eye. A brief rundown of his work would include London's Millennium Bridge, Apple's ring-shaped campus, Hearst Tower in New York, and the rebuilt Wembley Stadium.

It's entirely possible that Kanye is building something. And given his love for the finer things, why wouldn't he go to some of the biggest names out there? It's clear Yeezy thinks they're some of the best artists and designers in the world. He tweeted out two goat emojis along with the screenshot. 

Sometimes a love for light art installations and futuristic design work is just that. 

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