Here’s Roddy Ricch's Response if Someone Made a Diss Song About Him

In Roddy Ricch's new Complex cover story, the rapper was asked how he would approach someone making a diss song about him. Here's his response.

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Complex’s new cover star Roddy Ricch isn’t worried about people attempting to diss him. 

When asked by Deputy Music Editor Eric Skelton how he’d approach an artist attempting to come after him, Roddy responded with a smile and laughing it off.

“If somebody dissed me, I would not take it seriously,” the Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial artistsaid of the possibility. He went on to say that he’d take it as a joke if someone tried to create issues with him, as he’s focused on himself and not others.

“I be in my own lane,” Roddy continued. “I be in my own world. So I would take it as a joke. Like, just think about somebody trying to beef with Roddy. That ain’t even—that’s just a joke. N***a can’t never come out with no diss record about me. What you gonna say?”

Always be real fuc being perfect 💯

— Roddy Ricch (@RoddyRicch) July 27, 2020

Considering that many beefs these days start online, it’s unlikely that the 22-year-old artist will get into one since he’s usually absent from social media platforms. When he does occasionally post, it’s usually positive affirmations, advice to his followers and fans, or him celebrating his wins.

Perhaps the closest Roddy’s name was tied to an issue with another rapper was when fans began comparing the cover art for YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s album Top to Roddy’s Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. Roddy was quick to diffuse the situation, tweeting that he had no problems with YoungBoy. 

“I been fucced wit dude so don’t make it about him,” he wrote at the time in a since-deleted tweet. “I’m juss tired of all the comparing shit.”

Elsewhere in the Grammy Award-winning artist’s chat with Complex, he spoke about his upcoming musicmeeting with Kanye West, and much more.

Peep Roddy Ricch’s full Complex cover story here.

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