YoungBoy Never Broke Again announced his new album on Thursday, and fans noticed some simlarities to Roddy Ricch's debut album artwork.

The black-and-white image YoungBoy used to tease the record bares a resemblance to Roddy's Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial art. It's not clear if the image is the cover to the record, but fans still felt the art was similar enough to tweet both artists about it.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Roddy addressed the situation without directly naming YoungBoy. "It's only ONE roddy," he tweeted. "And I been fucced wit dude so don't make it about him... I'm juss tired of all the comparing shit..."

YoungBoy has yet to respond to the comparisons, but from the tone of Roddy's tweets it's clear that Roddy isn't looking to start a feud. In the past, he's shown love to the rapper, tweeting at him in 2017 to say he can "relate" to his music more than anyone else right now.