Roddy Ricch, who earlier in March performed twice during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, is the latest artist to bag a Complex cover story feature.

During his conversation with Deputy Music Editor Eric Skelton, which you can read in full here, Roddy was asked to reveal his pick for the greatest album of all time. Relatably, Roddy chose an indisputable classic from the catalog of Kanye West.

“Just me personally, if we’re talking about music overall, I have to give it to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Roddy said. “Mainly because of everything he put into the album. Just having all the different types of elements to it, and making it one body of work, that’s commendable. He tapped into timeless music. You can make a body of work that ages bad, or you can make a body of work that you can listen to for years and years to come.”

Roddy, of course, is (very) far from being alone on the MBDTF zeitgeist discussion. The 2010 opus, unanimously praised to this day, routinely stands tall among Greatest Albums of All Time discussions. 

Elsewhere, Roddy reflected on what he learned from a face-to-face meeting with ‘Ye in Calabasas. According to Roddy, he walked away from their meeting with a newfound understanding of how an artist’s work can grow to include a number of facets that aren’t always mentioned when talking the impact of creativity.

“The main thing I learned from Kanye was expansion,” Roddy said. “He showed me there’s more to life than just music. He taught me [about] really building empires. The empire you build with music, you could build it in other areas, like fashion, too.” He added, “You’ve got clothes, or you’ve got a drink, or you’ve got this or that, and it’s all attached to you. He was building things that don’t got nothing to do with music, with different rooms having different ideas. Even building up a community or a civilization that can start and become something else. That’s a crazy thing to do. Just growing your own produce, and all these different things… It opened my mind."

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