50 Cent has always had a sense of humor, so when it came time for him to appear upside down during Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show, it was easy to predict the jokes were soon to come. 

After his electric performance of “In Da Club”—which took place between sets by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige—Fif took to Instagram to share a few memes about his surprise appearance.

One of 50’s posts included the ever-iconic image of a kid concentrating heavily in class with a vein popping out of his head, only flipped upside down with the caption, “50 waitin.”

“waiting for @snoopdogg and Dre like ok who’s idea was it for me to be upside down again,” 50 joked. 

He shared another meme featuring D12 member Bizarre hanging upside down in the “In Da Club” video, as he captioned it “👀who the fvck did this? 😠.”

For fans watching, 50’s surprise was just the cherry on top of an already stacked halftime show lineup. Another big takeaway from the performance came when Eminem took a knee halfway through the set, as Dre sat down by a piano.  

At that point, a Sunday report already claimed Em would not be taking a knee—which many saw as an ode to Colin Kaepernick—after the NFL told him he couldn’t, but a rep for the league denied the report, saying Marshall’s kneel was included in rehearsals. 

Check out the performance in full here