Lil Durk may feel like he's Chicago's Jay-Z, but it looks like he's channeling another Windy City legend and Roc-A-Fella staple for his latest video. 

On Wednesday, behind the scenes video and photos surfaced of Lil Durk's upcoming music video. From the posts, it seems like Durk will be recreating some of Kanye West's famous looks for the video.

The clips show Lil Durk wearing the cartoonish suits Kanye wore with Lil Pump for his "I Love It" music video as well as harkening back to 'Ye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy days by recreating portions of his "Runaway" music video.

Lil Durk is gearing up to drop the deluxe version on his latest album, The Voice. This project is expected to feature a song called "Kanye Krazy." This track is a play on Kanye's open battle with mental health, their shared Chicago roots, and even references some of 'Ye's memorable moments. 

"You ain’t got thе answers sway," Durk raps per Genius. "I be claimin' I’m the realest like any other day... Bringin’ all my K's, I had to seal it/Kanye Krazy with this drill."

Fans assume that Durk is recreating these looks for the upcoming "Kanye Krazy" music video.