Lil Durk and OTF are still reeling from King Von's death, but that isn't stopping him from sending shots at his now-deceased rivals. 

Durk took to Instagram Live on Thursday to celebrate the release of his latest album, The Voice. In the process, he played some unreleased music. In the track, Durk takes a shot at his dead rival, FBG Duck.

"I told my PO thru the gate that I get high as fuck," Durk rapped. "She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck!"

The clip of the song started to make its rounds on the internet prompting Duck's mother, LaSheena Weekly, to respond.

"Now he wanna get high as fuck, he about to get high like Duck," Weekly said in a video on Sunday. A person off-camera tries to explain that Durk has been hurt about King Von's death and may be displacing his emotions, but Weekly isn't moved. 

"Well, he better take that shit with who made V Roy gone, not my motherfucking son," Weekly said. "'Cause he ain’t do it. Remember they had a song together? Remember they hashed they differences? Motherfuckers steady wanna for the industry, this is proof! Y’all really showing y’all rich off mentioning my motherfucking son! Y’all rich off mentioning Tooka, show your craft! Do something else besides dissing music!" Weekly went on to casually accuse Durk of conspiring against her son. 

"Your ass sitting up here mentioning somebody who ain’t give two fucks about you. He was right, you probably did Illuminati him," she continued. "You probably did send him to get bodied."

FBG Duck was murdered in Chicago in August. Since then, Weekly has taken it upon herself to try to end the violent nature of drill music. This includes dissing dead rivals in songs/referring to them as weed strains.