The term “different different” gets thrown around a lot by today’s youths, but how many people truly stand out from the pack? That’s something pisceze doesn’t need to worry about. Growing up in Toronto as an immigrant of Korean and Japanese descent, the singer-songwriter has always felt somewhat anomalous. “I embrace and respect both cultures, which isn't easy if you know, but it is what made me stand out within my own community,” she tells Complex. “It taught me at a young age to be unique and be true to myself.”

Given that distinctive background, pisceze’s music certainly checks out: a swirling, otherworldly cocktail of R&B, soul, and K-Pop. She made her debut last year with “Like That,” a sultry jam featuring fellow Toronto artist JAHKOY, and kept the momentum going this year with a new EP, Play. It features four slow-burning tracks about love and heartbreak. Heard within the context of an emotionally taxing year, they just hit… well, different.

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What’s the biggest thing you learned about yourself this year? 
The power of my mind... How to balance out and really be aligned with myself.

I am an introvert but have extroverted tendencies. I needed to balance listening to my body and learn how to pay attention to that. The power of the mind is something we take for granted. Before this year, I was in the mode of tunnel vision, fast life, etc… We forget about ourselves, our bodies, and our minds living like that.

Fill in the blank: the Canadian music industry needs more___.
PEACE. I feel like the Canadian music industry needs to take out their ego. We are already shelved within such a small margin, it’s not cool that we don't support one another enough. We are unappreciative of the talent we have as neighbours in our own community. Yes we are doing what we love, but it's hurtful that we have to be at war to be within the industry.

Tell me about one of the songs you're proudest of and the story behind it. 
A song I'm most proud of is probably one of the songs I’m working on now... that I can't wait to share with y'all. It's called “Sad.”

However, a song I have out for y'all that I am most proud of is “Heartbreak.” At the time I was going through a transition in my life (relationships/heartbreak). Before that session I was listening to a lot of Timbaland trying to get my thoughts in good spirits and raise my good vibes. Produced by Kyleyoumadethat, the beat ended up being inspired by Timbaland and interesting fact: we measured my heartbeat and used this as where we drew the base from in the beat. You’ll hear this towards the end of the song. The way the song was recorded was so real, it came so naturally, and when we released it Timbaland himself actually reached out and complimented the song and beat. I believe in manifestation and this was definitely a proudly manifested moment.

Check out pisceze’s performance for First Up with RBCxMusic on IGTV.