Lil Baby has been on a fruitful run, so it's safe to say that he's likely making money hand-over-fist. Still, the rapper isn't interested in pocketing all of his profits. 

On Tuesday, Lil Baby revealed that he's going to donate the $1.5 million he made from his single, "The Bigger Picture," to an organization that focuses on helping the community. 

"I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of “Bigger Picture “ I want the money to go we’re it’s needed," Lil Baby tweeted before adding that he's only interested in giving the money to a charity that needs it and will use it properly. "I don’t want to donate to just any organization but I will be letting my fans kno exactly we’re the money goes."

2020 has been marred with traumatic public experiences. Along with a pandemic, people also had to watch several Black citizens harmed or murdered on tape by police officers. This sparked uprisings around the world—including riots in Lil Baby's hometown of Atlanta. In response, Baby released his loose single, "The Bigger Picture."

In this record, Baby gives his perspective on how to make the world a better place. This thought-provoking track showed fans a side of Lil Baby that they've never seen. "The Bigger Picture" wasn't just a commercial hit, it also received critical acclaim. In fact, the Recording Academy revealed that "The Bigger Picture" was nominated for the Best Rap Performance award at the 2021 Grammys.