On Tuesday night, Kanye West, who's running for president, sent out invalid Kentucky presidential election results on Twitter.

The incorrect results, which Kanye shared via a screenshot that was attributed to NBC's LEX 18, showed Jo Jorgensen, who's running for president under the Libertarian Party ticket, in first place. West is seen as No. 3 in the screenshot. Following West, Joe Biden comes in at fourth place and Donald Trump in last.

LEX 18 responded to Kanye's tweets, writing, "The results shown were not valid. They were simply part of a test."

Nancy Cox, a reporter with LEX18, added that the fake results Kanye shared were sent out "to make sure systems are working." Cox continued, "It's an automated thing that is posting election results on our website. Sorry viewers. Sorry Kanye."

Despite tweeting out the incorrect results, Kanye is set to appear on the Kentucky presidential ballot. Secretary of State Michael Adams previously confirmed that the rapper and designer was able to get the necessary 5,000 signatures required to get on the ballot, as state law requires.

On Monday, Kanye shared a Hype Williams-directed ad for his presidential campaign.