Like almost every superstar, Brandy has been in her "own little corner, in her own little chair," focusing on her life outside of entertainment. While this is commendable, it served as the perfect opportunity for City Girls' Yung Miami to throw a playful jab at the icon. 

Monica was introducing her 2006 single "Sideline Ho" during Monday's monumental Verzuz when she called Yung Miami by her real name, Caresha. This threw Brandy for a loop, forcing her to ask Monica who this Caresha person was. After getting Brandy, the singer was quick to apologize for not knowing Yung Miami's real name. 

"I should have known that," she said. "I’m sorry, Caresha."

Although it was an honest mistake, Caresha used it as a great setup to send a joke Brandy's way.

"I only know 2 Brandy songs so we even," Yung Miami wrote in a now-deleted post. 

This led to a swarm of fans from both camps hassling Miami. As a result, the rapper explained that this is just her sense of humor and that it's impossible to know only two Brandy songs. 

She also praised both Brandy and Monica for putting together an amazing Verzuz

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