NLE Choppa continues his spiritual awakening by taking aim at Travis Scott's new McDonald's meal

On Saturday, Choppa took to Twitter where he urged his fans to exchange their Travis Scott burgers for a healthier plant-based meal. 

"Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables," Choppa tweeted. "eat plant based foods."

Choppa has been on a spiritual journey. He has recently confessed to fans that he's not interested in making music that's centered around violence anymore. He's also started a new YouTube channel called "Awakened Choppa" on which he documents his new, holistic lifestyle.

This objection to McDonald's seems to be part of NLE's path to enlightenment. While a lot of the attention will be focused on him mentioning Travis Scott, Choppa also attempted to explain that the food one eats can impact their physical and mental health. 

"Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too," the rapper wrote. 

And when a fan replied by saying plant-based food is nasty to her, Choppa empathized and told her that it's just because her body is used to eating a certain type of way. The rapper told her that detoxing and taking her diet seriously will allow her to fully appreciate plant-based meals. 

Choppa didn't stop with fast food. On Monday, the rapper decided to tell his fans not to drink alcohol. Although his advice might be coming from a good place, his reasoning isn't hitting the mark. Choppa insists that the term "alcohol" is derived from the word "Al-Kuhn" which he says stands for "Body Eating Spirit."

"If you break down the word “alcohol” it’s a demon spirit name called “Al-Kuhn” which stands for “Body Eating Spirit” this extracts the soul essence of entity which attracts bad energy or negative energy towards you," he wrote. "When you blackout that’s possession."

"Alcohol" actually derives the Arabic word "al-ghawl" which is often used to reference "demons" or "spirits"—hence why liquor is called "spirits." But, it can also mean "foolish" in reference to the way people act when they drink alcohol.

Also, blackouts occur because alcohol impairs the brains forcing it to choose between functioning and making memories. It doesn't erase the memories formed during a long night of drinking, but it does make them fainter as the brain is focusing on keeping everything together.