Earlier this week, controversial rapper 6ix9ine instigated drama when he announced he was in Chicago, prompting Lil Reese and Lil Durk to respond. In a video walking down a street in the city, 6ix9ine announced the release date for his new album. Reese, who has been heavily critical of 6ix9ine in the past, continued to diss the "Gummo" rapper in a series of tweets.

"That n***a a bitch I a never go out like a pussy that n***a [cap] on a bald head lil trick ass Mexican," he wrote on Twitter. "Aye tell his wife Jade mind her business wit that fake hard ass." 

Meanwhile on Instagram, he appeared to call 6ix9ine the feds for cooperating with authorities. "You a fuckin [pig] tired [sic] to trick us like you was a blood like you was a killer got in that court room and went out like we expected you 2," he added alongside a picture of him flipping off the camera. 

The comments come after Reese was continually provoked by 6ix9ine, who posted a video recently that appeared to show Reese getting jumped, XXL notes.

"You got extorted then rat on yo whole crew bitch stop playin wit me lil n***a you whole pussy out here that same n***a got bullets holes for fucking around I don't trick," Reese wrote on his Instagram Stories earlier this week.

While Tekashi has since deleted the video, he did share a recreation of the clip on his Instagram.