Lil Durk Addresses 'Rat' Line on Drake's "Laugh Now Cry Later"

Lil Durk discusses who he was talking about when he said "we do not listen to rats" on Drake's latest single "Laugh Now Cry Later."

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Drake's new single "Laugh Now Cry Later" was accompanied by a music video, which was shot at the Nike World Headquarters Oregon, and featured appearances by Kevin DurantOdell Beckham Jr., and Marshawn Lynch, but it was one line from Lil Durk's verse that seemed to grab everyone's attention. 

"I'm in the trenches, relax/Can you not play that lil' boy in the club? 'Cause we do not listen to rats," Durk raps. Many listeners believe the line was about 6ix9ine

Durk was asked about the lyric on Power 106 Los Angeles Monday, but wouldn't explicitly say who he was talking about, saying over his shotty Internet connection, "Whoever make music and rat, I'm talking to you. It can be one person, two people, three people, I'm talking to your ass."

Check out his response up top at the 8-minute mark.

It isn't a stretch to assume that Durk was talking about 6ix9ine since he used the word "rat" to describe the rainbow-haired rapper during his interview with Rob Markman for the Genius series For the Record after he chose to cooperate with prosecutors in his racketeering case. 

"You know what you did. If you not like that man, then stay away from this streets," Durk said. "You portraying an image that’s really not you. The people behind you know that. I know I can’t go do nothing with him. Cause I know in the back of my head, like man he gon' tell a fucking cop… Ain't nobody deserve to go to jail at the end of the day, but a rat is a rat. I’m not surprised he told." 

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