A tech company, MyChannel, Inc., has accused Kanye West of taking advantage of its services to boost his Yeezy apparel brand and to launch his Sunday Service. As a result, a lawsuit has been filed by the company, according to TMZ.

MyChannel claims to specialize in video and e-commerce tech. It says that it combined with West in 2018 in order to help the rapper/producer/fashion designer/presidential candidate max out the earnings with his Yeezy line. 

The company alleges that they worked tirelessly for West for six months to hold up their end of the business agreement. Put into raw numbers, the company calculates that they put 10,000 man-hours and $7 million into the project. TMZ writes that MYC was operating under the belief that they'd get a future $10 million investment from West as a result of the relationship. 

The suit also says that MYC twice moved their headquarters, from Pennsylvania to Calabasas, and then to Chicago, in order to make Kanye happy and to make the project work. It further alleges that Kanye re-branded its name as YZY Tech in business meetings with companies like Adidas, and portrayed "ideas such as those of [MyChannel] as his own."

After this six month period MYC says it became obvious that West was not going to follow through on his end of the deal. Ties were severed, and MYC says its technology was copied to drive Sunday Service merchandise sales. 

As TMZ put it, the suit says that Kanye's partnership offer was just a ploy to "fuel his Yeezy brand and steal confidential tech to make millions on Sunday Service." 

MYC is seeking damages in excess of $20 million.