Irv Gotti joined Nick Cannon on his radio show to clarify some of the statements he made on The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago about how he thinks Drake might not have an album in his discography that is a "masterpiece."

When getting to this in his hour-long conversation with Nick, Irv didn't walk back his statement, but rather clarified that his opinion on someone's music and his opinion on them as a person can be mutually exclusive. "He's on another planet," Irv said about how massive he believes Drake to be. "I consider him [Drake] and Jay-Z, they're like on Uranus, while we're on the planet Earth." 

He went on to say that when he was talking about masterpieces and classic projects with The Breakfast Club, that it wasn't meant to be a slight to Drake at all. "Drake is like, one of my best friends in the game," Irv said. "He's a really good friend, we have a great relationship since he came out...he is someone who I consider a friend."

He continued by explaining how he had a conversation with Drake about this because Drake told him that his "people" thought that the two had an issue because of Irv's comments.

"I spoke to Drizzy, and you know he was like, 'you got my people's saying, they thought we was close,' and I said, 'Drizzy, we are close.'" Irv continued, "Nothing has changed. And I said, 'I'm not one of them hating guys that hated on you.'"

"You don't see or hear from the young generation albums, impactful albums," Irv previously said while on The Breakfast Club. "You feel impactful singles. Listen, Imma even say Drake, who I love. Drizzy, I love you, you know I love you, you know what I am saying? You know, 'Murder Inc. like my n*gga Irv,' that's me. Aye, I love you, I love your music, but would you say Drizzy has delivered an album to that stature? Which I know he can, but I don't know if he collectively put that energy and said, 'I'm gonna deliver a masterpiece.' Does Drizzy have a masterpiece?"

After talking about how he wanted to make sure to clear things up with Drake, Irv emphasized how, despite him being from a different generation, that he doesn't hate on the rappers of today who are doing their own thing. He's just from a different time, and his opinions on today's music—whether he's a fan of it or not—has no weight on how he feels about the artists who are making it.

You can watch the full interview between Irv Gotti and Nick Cannon up top.