Having the No. 1 song in the country hasn't moved 6ix9ine to stop trolling. In fact, it only gave him fuel to ramp up his tactics. During a recent Instagram Live session with DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine took aim at YK Osiris, prompting the artist to respond.

6ix9ine began trolling YK Osiris towards the end of the session, when Osiris requested to join the Live. "Listen Osiris, we all know you not on my level – 1. I don’t wanna give you that amount of clout…Look the only reason I don’t do it to you right now is cuz you believe in God and I like you cuz of that," he said before running into his studio to mock Osiris’ “Worth It” video. "Like if he doesn’t get the song right, she’ll walk out of his life," he added

"I gave him clout, I gave him streams, people are gonna go listen to this right now and watch his face," 6ix9ine said.

It didn't take YK long to respond with a video of his own. "Can you get nominated for a Grammy? You gotta stop, my brotha. If you so number one, why you ain’t nominated for a BET Award? If you gon’ talk about being number one, talk about you being happy my ni**a like, like ni**a you still a clown bruh like that don’t make you like 100%. I don’t care bout no Instagram, y’all mind so delusional. I’m never trash, never that and I don’t gotta explain myself coz all y’all do is ride waves."