50 Cent has continued his campaign to troll everyone who owes money to Southwest T, co-founder of the Detroit drug organization Black Mafia Family. Fif’s latest victim is Irv Gotti.

“This goofy ni99a still ain’t check in,” 50 wrote on Instagram. “Man where the fuck is the money at, @bmfboss_swt_263 said he want that $1,200 stimulus check you just got from Trump punk.”

Fif has been coming for some other peoples’ necks too, going after Diddy and Jeezy in recent days for their respective debts.

It appears as if Diddy has been the only one to respond, though not publicly. “Shout out to @diddy,” 50 wrote in an IG post. “Told me some real shit yesterday thanks brother I respect that.”

50 Cent has made Southwest T’s debts his business since the Detroit native was released from prison earlier this week due to the coronavirus pandemic—and because Fif is helming a new Starz show based on the Black Mafia Family. T is set to serve the rest of his time on house arrest.

In 2008, he was sentenced to 30 years for running a criminal enterprise. His older brother, Big Meech, was denied a release from prison, though his case may be revisited soon.